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I've always viewed shaving my armpits as a necessary evil — something that was annoying but you did it anyway because you're supposed to, like flossing. I've shaved my armpits since I was a tween because I've been told by society that it's attractive to have smooth, hair-free pits, but I've never stopped to consider how I would feel personally if I were to stop shaving my armpits. Would I discover that my personal idea of beauty includes underarm hair? If it was considered "acceptable" by society, I wouldn't shave at all except for my lower legs because I like how my shins and calves feel when smooth. I'm a runner and shaving my thighs always leads to painful ingrown hairs. But I do remove my body hair because even though there are female trailblazers working to prove otherwise, generally speaking, women are considered "more attractive" without body hair.
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IT'S the question that's dividing the nation As the trend of letting underarm hair grow wild becomes more popular, would you bin the razor if it turned out that tuft of hair actually made you sexier? This Morning viewers branded comedian Kate Smurthwaite "disgusting" for proudly showing of her hairy underarms that have been left un-groomed for five years. Underarm hair helps us sweat, a completely natural bodily function no matter how much deodorant we use to try and stop it. And that sweat is full of sex pheromones, a chemical produced naturally by the body that plays a role in sexual attraction, a top skin doc has revealed. Dr Wedgeworth said: "It's not entirely clear. There are a number of theories floating around.
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Why Chinese women like me aren't ashamed of our body hair

Imagine straightening your skirt at a swanky bar and, glancing down, you take in the thick, month-long stubble on your legs. A kind of dark fuzz that doesn't trigger any panic or make you want to shift your yeti shins away from the light. That kind of reality would be shocking, right? The history of shaving made sure it would be, where your body hair weirds out the people around you and makes you feel uncomfortable for no understood reason.
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In the summer, cardigans are forgotten, jackets are left behind and armpits are out. Have you ever asked yourself why you shave your armpits? Or has it just become something you do, almost without thinking, like brushing your teeth? Misli Akdag, 26, an assistant set decorator from northwest London, used to shave, occasionally wax and even did two rounds of laser removal on her armpits although she was put off from continuing when a mole near her nipple fell off just after a session.

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