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Author's Note: This story will have two parts. The second, My Sister the Urinal will be from the brother's perspective. Can we go now? I'd only been in the city a few weeks, my parents were helping my brother and I rent out with an apartment. Before, Mike had been living with a friend in the same two-bedroom apartment, and he made it clear this was his territory.
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Aiming To Reduce Cleaning Costs

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My Brother's Urinal - Incest/Taboo -

Because this made sense to me at the time. I stood there with the door ajar for quite some time deciding what to do. Do I interfere with his autonomy and right to privacy with mandatory Ladies Room sentencing? Every man turns into a potential threat in a public restroom. OKAY I shouted, as you prayed for me to shut the door so you could get over your stage fright and continue your business.
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Dirty Black Man in the Urinals

A team under the leadership of Dr Dyllon Randall from the University of Cape Town UCT has successfully produced the world's first fertiliser-producing urinal, that is also waterless. It was tested last year in UCT's new engineering building and at a male residence in Athlone. The process involves simply peeing into a urinal, where the fertiliser is produced in a removable container, said Randall, adding that one container of urine produced about g of fertiliser. Once the container is full, it is removed by an operator and transported to a resource recovery plant where the fertiliser is recovered," he explained to News Although this process would conserve water in the drought-stricken Cape Town, the financial savings potential is also substantial, especially because of the increased water tariffs in Cape Town.
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The picture of a fly in the urinals at Schiphol Airport has been touted as a simple, inexpensive way to reduce cleaning costs. Where does it come from, and how effective is it really? At first glance, one might be forgiven for thinking it real. Then one notices that all the urinals have one, and the fly is always in the same position, just above the urinal drain and off to the left. It turns out that men, in their urinal behaviour, cannot resist peeing on things, especially if they look as though they might wash away.

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