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Check out the first story here at our blog! This is an ongoing effort, and we will be posting the first story next Friday, June 21 to celebrate Pride Month. Celebrate Pride Month with us by taking minutes of your time to help raise our narratives, click on this link now:. Organized in partnership with ASAAP, this project recognizes the role of pride, shame, self-esteem and body politics in how we negotiate sex and interact with partners.
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That's right, all you singles out there, Jan. Hinge is predicting that Jan. After looking over activity data from the past two years on the Sunday right after New Year's Day, Hinge found that there was a spike in conversations. Listen up.
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There is an enduring fear in the music industry that artificial intelligence will replace the artists we love, and end creativity as we know it. An entire startup ecosystem is emerging around services that give artists automated songwriting recommendations, or enable the average internet user to generate customized instrumental tracks at the click of a button. As early as the s, experimental composers were writing music using randomized statistical models.

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